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Basirhat Tourism

Basirhat is a name given after the person called Basir Mohammed or Basir Khan. The language spoken here is Bengali.One can enjoy the Mid-River experience of meeting the citizens of Bangladesh, over the Icchamati River, where tourists from both the countries are able to ride on boats to get a clear view of the each of the country.

Basirhat Tourism
Dhanyakuria Gaine Bari

Tourists can even visit the ruins of some zamindar houses, as well as the Ramkrishna Missions, and religious people can visit Kuleshwari Kali Temple, along with the 300 years old Jora Shib Mandir, the Golpatar jungle and the General Shankar Roychowdhury. There are even parks like Bow Bazaar Park, as well as the Rabindra Saikat Park, also the Suryakanta Park, the Hari Narayan Ghosh Park and the Alok Jhorna Park, etc.

Major Tourist Destinations In and Around Basirhat

Several tourist destinations can be visited that are located in and around the city of Basirhat in West Bengal. Few of the major tourist destinations are mentioned as below.


Dhanyakuria is a place near Basirhat with numerous sightseeing spots. It is dotted with several temples and havelis of age old era. Among various structures, the first one that attracts tourists is the giant Rashmancha (looks somewhat like a typical navaratna temple in Bengal).  The Singha Darja (the lion gate) is found to be a landmark palace of the village, and this gate has mainly two towers along with a beautiful structure of fight between the Greek God and lion. Also, the palace has a state-run orphanage. In this village of Dhanyakuria, you can find one more beautiful attraction known as ‘Gayen Bari’ (a majestic structure that is formed with a fine blend of both neo-classical as well as Indian style). Gayen Bari has a tower which is notable as the ‘Nazar Minar’ that has been constructed over the Corinthian pillars using the Islamic arches on the top floor. There is also a beautiful dome that is constructed on the top which is clearly determined by following the western styles of 19th century. The most interesting thing about this palace is that, it is in L-shape. Also, there are twenty-one Ionic columns which embellish the front. While on top of the house, you can observe the two massive domes that got emblazoned with the coats of arms, and that the gates of the palace corresponds to the portals of a Roman temple. And one can find an overhanging balcony that well-connects to all the rooms from one side corner to the other side.

Incchamati and Machranga River Island

Machranga River Island is a nearby destination from Basirhat as well as from Taki. One can watch the mini Sundarbans, that comprises of the Sundari and Golpata trees which have been created by the municipality.Being close to our neighboring country of Bangladesh, you can perform a boat ride on the waters of Icchamati that should never be missed! You can even do boat riding at the Machranga Island, which is an extremely beautiful thing to watch!

Icchamati Picnic Garden and Sahid Dinesh Mazumdar Sishu Park

Sahid Dinesh Majumder Children’s Park is one of the excellent parks that is meant only for the kids, where they can play football, cricket, and all the outdoor games. It is a hot spot for recreational activities. Similarly, you can find Icchamati Picnic Spot that is very near to this Icchamati Garden, where people drive here in large numbers and have a great fun.

Botanical Garden in Basirhat

The star attraction of the Botanical Garden is the colossal and wide spread banyan tree, famously called ‘Great Banyan Tree’ that forms the second largest canopy in the world. The garden also nurtures myriad of amazing orchids and multicolored flowers. There is also a boating facility in one of its lakes and a library in the garden, which treasures number of valuable books on Botany.

Golpatar Jungle in Basirhat

This is a beautiful jungle which can be reached by private vehicles like van or rickshaw, bike or car from the nearest city of Basirat. You might have visited many jungles, but this jungle gives an exclusive experience about the latest canopy jungle path and helps to walk inside the Golpatar jungle, which seems to be unique and too interesting. Always ensure to carry a photo identity proof when you visit the Golpatar jungle, else BSF will not let you to enter this place.

Titu Mir's Bamboo Fort in Basirhat

Titu Mir's Bamboo Fort is situated at Swarupnagar with a distance of 7 kms from the city of Basirhat. You can watch and enjoy the amazing architecture of the fort that is established in Basirhat.

Barrackpore near Basirhat

Tourist places near Basirhat
Mangal Pandey Park in Barrackpore

Barrackpore was one among the ancient British settlements located along the River Hooghly, and the name Barrackpore derives from the English word 'Barracks'. Barrackpore has been acquired the name as the first major military base of the British East India Company. However, Barrackpore has been popular with the name Chanak. Even it is believed that, during the regime of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, this place was considered as the major Tax collection center (khajna or taxes). Further it was renamed as Barbakpur, which is currently renowned as 'Barrackpore'. This Barrackpore is popular for its summer breeze, and riverside retreat for the sake of British in Kolkata.

Mukutmonipur in Basirhat

Mukutmonipur is one of the best place that is very near to the city of Basirhat as well as Bankura, and can be reached in just 2 hours from Bankura Headquarters, which is found to be 55 kms far from the place. Also, this place of Mukutmonipur that lies too close to the Rivers of Kangsabati and Kumari, is an excellent sightseeing place with lush green forests all around along with some mountain terrains all over the region gives a great panoramic view of the nature. One can even find the deep bluish tract of water here, that is just a feast to the viewers. Overall, an amazing place that must be visited at least once when you visit to the city of Basirhat.

Parmadan Deer Park in Basirhat

Parmadan Deer Park is found to be a best wildlife sanctuary that is devoted to the great writer Bibhuti Bhushan Bandopadhyay, a renowned writer. This sanctuary is formed in the memory of this great writer. Also, Parmadan Deer Park is launched with just 28 kms from the Basirhat city as well as the Bongaon with 120 kms via the Kolkata,. The sanctuary is said to be established within an area of 640 hectares, with huge population of Cheeta.

Chandraketugarh Fort and Temple in Basirhat

Forts in Basirhat
Remains of Chandraketugarh Fort

When you visit the city of Chandraketugarh, you can find the great works of pre-Mauryans. Both the fort as well as the temples have been constructed in a unique way that is appreciated by all . Such a great work has been described by the Greek traveler known as "Megasthenes" in his great historical book "Indika". The temple was devoted to the characters such as the Khana and Mihir. While fort is constructed by the king called 'Chandraketu'. And the site houses both kind of structures and is well-known as ‘Khanamihirer Dhipi.’ In this fort, tourists can find the Cast copper coins, as well as the silver coins, also some coins that belong to the Gupta and Kushana period; apart from these, you can observe various types of beads, terracotta plaques along with the figurines of Sunga, also the Maurya, including the Kushana and Gupta periods and many other antique pieces of this place were found.

Lal Masjid near Basirhat

Lal Masjid is found to be located at the city of Haroa, that is very near to the town of Basirhat, and is loccated close to the Chandraketu ruins. This building appears as a home of the great legend Pir Gorachand. And as per the legends, the Sun God is pleased with the devotion of the Gorachand and ordered him to construct a mosque during his absence! That means, Gorachand was supposed to build the mosque at just a single night. Gorachand and his followers started to build the mosque at night, and it was almost over with a single line bricks on the top, but the crow began to crawl as it was morning; and unfortunately he could not complete the mosque and the mosque left incomplete till today, but became one of the favorite tourist destination. As per the historians, the mosque was said to be constructed over the ruins of a Buddhist stupa that was launched here during the period of Jesus Christ. One can also find the 'darga of Pir Gorachand' located very near to the Haroa bus stand. The remaining structure includes a 30 ft red wall, ponds on three sides and a banyan tree.

Mandarmoni Beach near Basirhat

Mandarmoni is actually a name of the place as well as the beach, which is formed within few kilometres away from the city of Basirhat, and 167 km from Kolkata. This beautiful region has become a great picnic spot, that is filled with several tourist throughout the year. The beach of Mandarmoni is said to be 13 kms long and is a virgin beach. The place gets the name due to the plethora of red crabs that move over the beach side, which gives the tourists a idea about the 'Red Mandar Flower'. The scene absolutely looks like that red flower. This is the reason, why the beach is named as Mandarmoni Beach. This serenity of the beach has been dragging people towards this place.

Where to Eat in Basirhat ?

Food in Basirhat
Food in Basirhat

There are many food items available to eat at Basirhat as well as surrounding the city. If you visit Taki near by the Basirhat, you can have delicious fishery food. The place is best for the fish foodies who can have Hilsa, as well as the Rohu and Prawn, the Pabda along with Parshe and lot more. While for meals, you can have exotic chicken and mutton at the nearby guesthouses at affordable rates. One can also enjoy the ghugnis, phuchkas, chanar malpoa, along with the rolls, and have the tasty tea over the banks of Icchamati during evening time and relax. You can head to some of the famous restaurants to satiate your taste buds with traditional and contemporary Bengali cuisines.

Blue Heaven Restaurant
Address: S N Mazumdar Road, Basirhat Ho, Basirhat - 743411, Near Registry Office More
Contact : +(91)-9002005352, 7384174999, 9434435339

Adrasa Restaurant
Address: Taki Road, Basirhat - 743411
Contact: +(91)-9775645876

Kitchen King Two
Address: Basirhat, North 24 Parganas, Taki Road, Basirhat Ho, Basirhat - 743411
Contact: +(91)-9851152953

New Kitchen KINK No 1
Address:Taki Road, College Para, Basirhat College, Basirhat - 743412
Contact: +(91)-8798389114

What to Shop in Basirhat?

There are lot more things to shop in Basirhat. If you visit the city, you can buy garments, jewelery items, and all the home decor items here. There are garments shops specifically meant for women, men and kids. Women can buy their clothing at women clothing store like Saj, as well as buy some exclusive jeweleries at the jewelery shops like New Tapasi, or Golden Jewelers, which are found to be the most popular store here. You can also move to the shopping malls in Basirhat, where you will be able to shop several items of your choice.

Saj (Women's Clothing Store)
Address: B.B.Bose Road, Munseff Para,
North 24 Parganas,
City : Basirhat,
Pin Code : 743411, (Kolkata)
Mobile : +91 779 737 1577

New Tapasi Jewellers
Address: No. B/16,
RN Road,
City : Basirhat,
Pin Code : 743411, (Kolkata)

Golden Jewellers
Address: Parganas Road,
City : Basirhat,
Pin Code : 743412, (Kolkata)
Basirhat Garments
Taki Road, dandirhat,
City : Basirhat,
Pin Code : 743411, (Kolkata) Phone : 0321 726 7512

Where to Stay in Basirhat ?

Hotels in Basirhat are both comfortable and affordable to book while your travel to this city of West Bengal. Quality of the hotels in the city of Basirhat is excellent when compared to their metro counterparts.

Hotels in Basirhat

Ichhamati Hotel
Address: Basirhat Hawkers Market, Basirhat, North 24 Parganas, Basirhat Road, Basirhat - 743411
Phone: +(91)-9933322989

Suhasini Guest House
Address: Taki Uttar Bari, P.O.-Taki,, 24-Parganas, West Bengal 743429
Phone:03217 234 108

How to Reach Basirhat ?

There is a place known as Dum Dum, from where you can move to the town of Basirhat, which hardly takes 2 hours. Also, there are many different places from where you can reach Basirhat. Below are few methods that could help you reach Basirhat with ease.

By Rail
Even you can reach Basirhat via Kharagpur, a major junction of the South-Eastern Railway that is established centrally in the district. The city of Basirhat gives away the connectivity to all parts of the country for both goods and passengers. National Highway: 6 as well as 60 both runs at high-speed connectivity to several regions of the district.

By Bus
Another way to reach the city of Basirhat is to travel by bus via Kolkata, whose distance is said to be just 53 kms.

By Air
There are mainly 4 Airports located near to the Basirhat, which are namely the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport (42 kilometers from Basirhat); Barrackpore Air Force Station is about 53 kilometers from the Basirhat; and there are even Behala Airport that is found to be 61 kilometers away from the Basirhat city; also, there is another airport known as 'Jessore Airport' which is 66 kilometers via Basirhat.

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